​​​​​​​​If you have any questions please send us an email ---->> library@rotorualc.nz

How old do you have to be to join the library?

Any age can join. Children up to the age of 18 require parent's consent.

How many items can I take out at one time?

Resident library members can have up to forty items out on your card at any one time. 

What are your opening hours?

Find out the opening hours here.​

Can I get FREE internet access at the library?

Free WiFi is available during library opening hours.

Does the Library have computers we can use?

The library has 19 computers with free access to internet in slots of 30 mins per person. Printing is available at 20c per side. Scanning to email costs 20c per email. Downloading of movies and music is not permitted.

Who made the needlework hanging in the library?

The Rotorua Embroiders Guild were contracted by the library to produce the needlework. A list of all those who contributed hangs next to the needlework.

Who created the carving of Hinemoa and Tutanekai?

The carving was done by the Rotorua Maori Arts and Crafts Centre for the opening of the library in 1991.

How do I make a suggestion if I think the library should buy something?

You can fill out this suggest to purchase form or send an email to library@rotorualc.nz.

What happened to the Rotorua Newspapers from 1897 to 1931?

This is a mystery. When the newspaper changed owners in August 1931, there were no earlier files of newspapers available according to the then general manager. There had been several previous owners before then so possibly one of them may have disposed of the old papers. The former Rotorua Borough Council was supposed to have newspapers from 1924 but they have disappeared and any held by the Rotorua County Council may have been destroyed in a fire in the 1940s. Source: R F Keam

What is the Don Stafford Room?

The Don Stafford Room at the Haupapa Street Library contained a reference collection of books about the Rotorua District. This collection is currently held within the Heritage & Research area at the Pukuatua St Library. Local historian Don Stafford donated to the Library the records he compiled while researching his books on Te Arawa and Rotorua history. These research notes are a valuable addition to our resources and so the part of the Library containing Te Arawa, Rotorua, Māori and New Zealand heritage collections was named after him. Find out more here.

Who can borrow toys from the Library?

All library members can borrow toys from the library. 

How can I organise a class or group visit to the library?

Find out about visits and tours here.

Who can go to Rhyme 'n Rumpus?

Children of any age up to 5 years old and their parent or caregivers can come to Rhyme 'n Rumpus.

How long does Rhyme 'n Rumpus last?

About 45 minutes. Rhyme 'n Rumpus consists of songs, stories and an activity.

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