Please contact us ​if you have any more questions.​

Do I have to pay to reserve books from any of Teen collections?

No, there are no hold fees to reserve a book from the Teen collections.

Can I access free Wifi in the library?

Free WiFi is available during library opening hours.

Are there NCEA or other study guides in the Teen collections?

Yes! A variety of study guides can be found on the 'Study Guides' shelving area in the Teen collections area.

Are there many books on choosing a career or study after high school?

Yes! There is a non-fiction collection called "Careers" within the Teen collections.

What is the "Quick Reads" collection?

The 'Quick Reads' collection is full of short story books that are great for quick reads. They are also awesome if you don't like reading, but you need a short story about teens that's simple and easy to read. You can find them shelved with the rest of the fiction collection in the Teens' area (they are the ones with the thumb's up stickers on the spines).​

I'm looking for a book, but you guys don't have it! What can I do?

​If you've found a book that you want to read and we don't have it yet, simply fill in the 'Suggest To Pur​chase' form.

Page reviewed: 29 Nov 2016 9:19am