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Te Anuhe tino hiakai

Te Anuhe tino hiakai na Eric Carle. Translation of The Very hungry caterpillar.


Samantha: It was funny because he kept eating then he got fatter and fatter then big. - 5 stars. 


Gordon Marsay: The book was was very cool.I liked that the caterpillar ate heaps and grew very large. - 5 stars. 




Hairy Maclary nō te Tēri a Tānarahana

Hairy Maclary nō te Tēri a Tānarahana na Lynley Dodd. Translation of Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy.

Raiha Teepa: My favourite part about the book is that there was alot of Hairy Maclary's friends invited to play around together and that they all meet up and they ran around the whole street together like in the middle of the street and run around till dark time and that's my ideas of this cool book. - 5 stars.





Haka is written by Patricia Grace and illustrated by Andrew Burdan.

Samantha: I like the bit when Te Rauparaha said will I die will I die will I live will I live - 5 stars.


Zahconia: I like the bit when Te Rauparaha said will I live will I live because his enemies were trying to kill him - 5 stars.




Swim: the story of Hinemoa and Tūtānekai

Swim is retold by Chris Szekely and illustrated by Andrew Burdan.

Raiha: I liked the book the most because it is based on a true story and that it can be spread around our generations and that we can also swim in that same lake which is lake Rotorua and its really intresting to read it - 5 stars.




The World-famous cheese shop break-in

The World-famous cheese shop break-in is written by Sean Taylor.

Te Waka Pounamu, the Rotorua Mobile Learning Centre, has been out and about in the Rotorua Community. At a recent visit children on board read and reviewed "The World-famous cheese shop break-in". Thank you for letting us know what you thought of this book. Keep the reviews coming! 




Here are their reviews and ratings out of 5 stars:

Joshua: I liked the end, because they were smart and didn't rob the shop - 4 stars.


Rishad: I liked the part when they made the decision to make their own shops. I liked it when we saw daddy pops wearing his underwear - 5 stars.


 Javan: I liked it when the water came out of the pipe and made a deep pool - 5 stars.


Mason: I liked when the worm of stuck in daddypops ear - 5 stars.


The Cow who climbed a tree

The Cow that climbed a tree is written by Gemma Merino.

Thank you to the children and youth at Fordlands Free Parking for letting us know what they thought of this book.





Here are their reviews and ratings out of 5 stars:

Harmony: Liked the pictures - 4 stars.


Tailah: The book was alright but I didn't like that the sisters didn't believe her until the end but after all it was all right I liked it.I liked what the author was telling us - 4 stars.


Tamehana Mita: Interesting . The cow was my favorite actor because none of her sisters did not believe her - 4 stars.


Rikiti-Eru Kirimangu: It stinks, it's a baby book. It would be good for 4 year old - 1 star.


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