Accessible features

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Accessible features

Accessible Adult Changing Room

We now have a fully wheelchair accessible bathroom and adult changing room available for the community to use. It has an adult-size change table and hoist to assist with personal cares. This is located in the Children's Health Hub. Please ask staff to direct you.

An accessible bathroom with facilities for adult changing and cleaning.


All public areas of the library can be accessed via two lifts; one is located in the centre of the building near the main entrance, and the other is on the Arawa St side of the building.

Lift available on the Arawa Street side

Mobility Charging Station

There is a free charging station available for mobility scooters. This can be found near the men's toilets on the ground floor.

Mobility charging station on the ground floor near the men's toilets

Parent Room

The parent room is accessible from the children's area down the hallway, across from the Community Meeting Room.

It includes two changing tables, a nappy bin, a private feeding space, and a plug for breast pumps.

The parent room includes a feeding space, change table and toilet.


There are 4 labelled mobility parking space on Haupapa St near the main entrance, as well as 2 parent parks.


Accessible toilets are available on all levels of the library, including the parent room and men's and women's toilets on the ground floor. On the first and second floor, toilets are gender neutral as well.

A view of the accessible toilets on the second floor.

Wheelchair/Walker Availability

There is a wheelchair and a walker available for customers to use while in the library. Please ask staff at the front entrance for access.

A walker and wheelchair are stored near the women's toilets on the ground floor.