Meeting Room FAQs

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Meeting Room FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Meeting Rooms

Q: Can I view the rooms before booking?
A: If you would like to view a room before making a booking please phone or email the Library to arrange a suitable time.

Q: How does payment work?
A: Payment can be made online using a debit/credit card when creating a booking. Alternatively, payment can be made in person at the Library. Payment cannot be made via internet banking or over the phone.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: Cash, Eftpos, debit card or credit card.

Q: Does a deposit need to be paid prior to the date of the meeting?
A: No.

Q: Can the Library send an invoice for my booking?
A: Invoices are not generated for each booking. Once a booking is created, confirmation will be sent to the email address associated with the booking. If an organisation or community group needs an invoice and has no other means of payment please speak to admin staff as we may be able to help.

Q: How can I cancel/modify a booking?
A: Bookings can be cancelled or modified by logging in to the site used to make a reservation. There will be a list of upcoming reservations, clicking on the one needing to be cancelled/modified will allow you to make the required change.
NB: If a booking needs to be moved to a different floor/room the original booking will need to be deleted and re-created in the appropriate space.

Q: Am I eligible for a refund?
A: If a booking has been paid in full and cancellation is made at least 48 hours before the booking starts you are entitled to a refund. If there are extenuating circumstances e.g. cancelled flights you will also be entitled to a refund. Currently refunds can only be processed in person at the Library.

NB: If you are from out of town and there’s a chance your booking may not go ahead, hold off making payment until closer to the date. This makes things easier for us and you!

Q: Can I come in prior to opening hours to set up for a meeting?
A: Unfortunately not due to health and safety requirements. (The only exception is if you have booked the Community Meeting Room which can be accessed outside regular library hours).

Q: I need extra time to set up beforehand and extra time to pack up at the end, can this be arranged?
A: Allow for set up and pack down time when you make a reservation in case there is another booking directly after yours.

Q: Can additional furniture be moved into the meeting rooms?
A: No.

Q: Who is responsible for setting up rooms based on requirements of each group?
A: If a different layout of furniture or moving of tables and chairs is required this is to be done by the person/s booking the room. There is an expectation that furniture is returned to the original layout at the end of each meeting and the room is left neat and tidy.

Q: Can outside catering be arranged?
A: Catering can be arranged and brought into the library.

Q: Do your facilities have tea, coffee etc.?
A: Yes, we provide tea, coffee, sugar and milk.

Q: What is the difference between not for profit and commercial rates?
A: If the booking is deemed to be for commercial, business and/or profit gathering purposes, then additional fees may apply.