Click Happy Easter Egg Hunt


On Easter Sunday at the Rotorua Library from 10-3 pm the first annual Click Happy Easter Egg Hunt will be held.  Scholarships are available to be won for the best images captured.

Prizes available for the best photograph on the day of the following:
A Click Happy Egg (will be found around Rotorua)
Decorated Easter Eggs
Something that you are grateful for
Something that tells the story of what Easter means to you or your family

Bring your cameras, or your cellphones and join Click Happy for a photographic experience. 

The hunt begins with a photography workshop taught by Mandi Lynn, the founder and director of Click Happy who is also a past winner of New Zealand’s Creative Photographer of the Year. 

Then the challenge will be explained in detail and you are off on the hunt around town. 

There are several prizes available for the most engaging image, including scholarships to be mentored by Mandi Lynn with students handpicked from all over New Zealand. 

For the past two month’s Mandi has travelled the country in her vintage Click Happy caravan looking for top young photographic talent and in May will begin to teach them the art of documentary photography.  A scholarship to join that group of talented youth are some of the prizes for the day. " The Click Happy Plus program is designed to teach youth not only photography but how to use their art and their voice to make a difference in their community. Once the students are solid in their shooting,  they get challenged to photograph local charities that are doing important things in their region. This helps them to learn creative grit and the art of paying it forward.  We figured Easter was a perfect time to celebrate community and find the next generation of Rotorua’s photographic talent.”  says Lynn

The photographic workshop starts at 10 and runs until noon. For those who will be attending Sunday services, and who are unable to attend the workshop no worries, you have until 2pm to create an image and get it back to the library to compete for the prizes. 

"It has been interesting, age doesn't seem to matter in winning the prizes. Sometimes a 10-year-old can see things in a way that an adult just can't and will absolutely wow us." Says Ms Lynn

To register for the competition and the workshop go to:
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