Haupapa St parking changes welcomed by Library users

23/05/2018 12:00 a.m.

​Rotorua Lakes Council - 23 May 2018

A post project review and feedback from the community has prompted changes to some of the parking in Haupapa Street outside Te Aka Mauri.

The revamped building, which now houses the Rotorua library and Lakes DHB child health hub, has been open since 3 February and Council has been monitoring use of the new facilities.

Strategy and Partnerships Group Manager Jean-Paul Gaston says feedback from the community has been valuable in understanding how the new space outside Te Aka Mauri is being used.

“Shared spaces and slow zones in the CBD are a new concept for Rotorua and we need to understand the way they are being used so we can get them right.”

The design of the parallel parks on either side of the new raised slow zone outside the library building was created to provide a safe crossing area for pedestrians and also featured mobility parks designed to be big enough to allow for ramps and wheelchair movements.

Monitoring and feedback highlighted that the original design wasn’t working as was intended and the parallel parks have been replaced with angled parking with a dedicated zebra crossing for pedestrians to come.

“With a dedicated pedestrian crossing to direct people where on the raised slow zone to cross, we could change the parallel parks to angled parking which seems to be the natural behaviour for our current users,” Mr Gaston says.

“We want to thank the library and health hub users for sharing their experiences and bearing with us while we get this right.”

The new angled parks have taken the current parking in the slow zone to 15 with six closest to Te Aka Mauri being mobility and parent carparks.

P15 parks have been reinstated on either side of the slow zone area.

Library Director Jane Gilbert says that library staff had been receiving good feedback from customers.

“The day that the changes were made my staff had feedback from delighted customers who found the parking much easier.

“Some also commented how pleased they were that Council had taken on the feedback since the initial changes.”

As well as changes to the on-street parking there have been some minor changes in the Haupapa Street carpark to make the separate DHB parking more obvious.

A new entrance has been constructed with new signage to make it more clear for users which is public parking and which is for DHB parking.

Once the changes are complete there will be a total of 130 parks on Haupapa Street (from Fenton to Tutanekai), including the carpark, which is 20 fewer than before the library building and Jean Batten Park were redeveloped.

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