Home delivery for Library Books



'Excellent choices", "I couldn't have chosen better myself" and " Wonderful selection, thank you" are just some of the feedback Rotorua Library staff receive when collecting and dropping off books to people's homes as part of the Library To You service, which was first introduced during the first COVID lockdown in March this year. 

This free service of delivering library books to homes is available for those who are unable to visit the library.  Robyn Skipwith, Outreach Coordinator who runs this service says that the home delivery of books is often described as a "god-send" for these people, providing a selection of reading material that they wouldn't otherwise have access to. 

"Library to You" offers the home delivery service for short or long term periods if library access is difficult because of age, disability, illness or injury, stress, wellness, care-giving responsibilities, social or economic issues.  

If you feel this service could benefit you or someone you know and would like more details click HERE.

Page reviewed: 02 Nov 2020 3:03pm