Talking Adoption


​​Whether you are considering adopting a child or you are an adoptee looking for biological family members, this talk should prove helpful.  ​

​Talking Adoption

Presented by Oranga Tamariki Adoption Services

1 - 2pm, Tuesday 27 August​

Discovery Space, 2nd Floor

Rotorua Library

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In 1971, nearly 4000 children were adopted in New Zealand, however this number has decreased significantly since then with just 128 adoptions in 2017.  This has made it hard for couples who have less options when it comes to having children.  Under the Hague Convention, New Zealanders can apply to adopt from the countries of Chile, China, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines, Lithuania and Thailand.  Nearly 600 Russian children were adopted from Russia and brought to New Zealand in the 1990s but Russian adoptions are not possible now  .

For adoptees, there are often challenges to be faced when trying to track down biological parents.  It can be that names or living circumstances have changed from when the details were recorded.  The staff from Oranga Tamariki - Adoption ​ Services will welcome any questions you have.

There is more information on their website HERE.​

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