ePlatform App Update

7/04/2017 12:00 a.m.

What you need to know

The ePlatform app is available for free to all Rotorua Library members. It enables borrowing and reading of eBooks for free. 

Wheelers have undertaken a major update to the ePlatform Mobile App for iOS and Android and added numerous new features.  

Advice on updating the app and the new features is below. Please contact us if you would like any help with these changes.


Updating the App 

To access the new features you will need to update the app on your device. If you have not done this already, go to Google Play or the Apple App store and install updates.

Once updated, you may need to go through the “Find Your Library” step again, to ensure the best experience. To do this, go to the menu on the main app page and select “Clear Libraries List” then find Rotorua District Library again and you will be all set to go.




New Features


Shortcuts are now available at the bottom of the page to simplify the navigation within the app.

'Home' takes you to the Home screen (see screenshot above)

'Library' shows the main page of your library

'My Loans' shows your active loans and loan history for this library

'Browse' allows you to select titles based on filters and subjects  





 Upgraded Reading mode

In 'Reading mode' you are now able to switch to full-screen reading with a centre-tap. With another tap in the middle of the screen, the menu will re-appear.

Quick access settings and navigation icons greatly improve access to common functions such as contents, bookmarks, screen and font settings.

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