The Right Girl by Ellie O'Neill



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The Right Girl by Ellie O'Neill​​

A great book, fast moving and a little bit different. The story revolves around a young vibrant woman, Freya. Set 5 years in the future, there is an “awesome app” controlling many people’s lives. 

The BBest app tells you everything you need from what to have for breakfast to what to buy for Granddad’s birthday. You don’t have to bother about giving any thought or making difficult decisions  - it's all done for you.

The people in Freya’s life are beautifully described with a wonderfully feisty granddad, a fabulous match made in heaven fiancé (well BBest says it’s a 93% match!), and the new man that appears in her life…. all contribute to an entertaining and thought provoking novel.

Great read for a wet weekend or as an excuse to dodge the winter chores!

Reviewed by Rose.

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Page reviewed: 28 Jul 2018 12:01am