Career Advice

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Career Advice

Looking for a job/career can be a daunting task but don't feel like you have to tackle it alone. There are a lot of people, organisations and tools to help you. Remember to let everyone (friends and family) know that you are looking and keen to work as many jobs are secured via personal contacts.

We have books in the library on:

Career Advice

Writing a CV

Career Development

You may want to consider starting your own business or taking steps towards this with local courses.

Ask us!

At Rotorua Library we can also help out with technical assistance such as free WIFI and free access to computers. We also have printing, photocopying and scanning facilities.

Our staff are also happy to assist where they can with any technical issues whether it be on your own device or at one of our computers. We can also offer help with navigating certain websites if you need it.
Be prepared with all your relevant information and come and see us.