Borrow eAudiobooks for free

Library members can download and listen to eAudiobooks for free from BorrowBox or Wheelers ePlatform. You will need your library card barcode and PIN to access eAudiobooks.


Wheelers ePlatform

​Wheelers ePlatform has a great selection of eAudiobooks for adults, teens and children.

Get the ePlatform App from Google Play or the Apple App Store or view on your computer.



BorrowBox has a selection of eAudiobooks and eBooks for adults and children. Borrow up to 8 eAudioBooks and 8 eBooks at a time.

Get the BorrowBox App from Google Play or the Apple App Store or view on your computer.



Further Information

8 eAudiobooks and 8 eBooks can be borrowed for 14 days. A brief user guide is available. You can place a reserve on any item which is out on loan. BorrowBox eAudiobooks and eBooks are not compatible with Kindles.

Tablet/mobile device: Download BorrowBox Library app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Sign in details:

  • Library - Rotorua Library (Infoshare - Rotorua, Western Bay and Whakatane)
  • Barcode Number - Your library card barcode (2320000XXXXXXX)
  • PIN - Your library PIN number

Computer/laptop: Step-by-step guides are available for accessing eAudiobooks and eBooks through your computer or laptop.


Page reviewed: 18 Dec 2018 9:45am