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Loan periods and charges

Rental Charge Issue period
Adult Fiction (includes paperbacks) Free 3 weeks
New Releases Books $3.00 10 days
New Releases DVDs and Magazines $3.00 10 days
Adult magazines $1.00* 1 week
Free Magazines Free 1-3 weeks
DVDs Movies $3.00 2 weeks
TV Series $5.00 3 weeks
Children's DVDs $2.00 1 week
Toys $1.50 - $3.00 3 weeks
*Resident Senior discount applies to Adult magazines$0.50* 1 week

Unless the item has been reserved by another borrower, items may be renewed twice, either online, in the library, or by calling 07 348 4177.

If you renew a rental item you will be charged another rental charge.

Overdue Charges

Adult items $0.20 per day
New Releases Books, DVDs and Magazines $1.00 per day
Teens’ & children’s items $0.10 per day

Outstanding accounts sent for debt collection will be subject to a debt collectors fee

Other Charges

Hold (Reserve) Fee - Applies to all adult items, toys and all DVDs - Per item *$1.00
Interloans - Applies to all items - $20.00
Lost or damaged items - Replacement cost plus administration fee of $3.00 for lost items
Incorrectly returned items - A minimum charge of $10 to cover postage costs may apply to books from other libraries returned by mistake to Rotorua Library.
* $1.00 Hold Fee has been removed until further notice.