Māori Information

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Māori Information

Rongo Māori/Māori Information

We shelve our books according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system, this system covers all subjects located in the library. We add the first three letters of the authors surname or book title (if there is no author) to help distinguish between items with the same number. The number sequence is identical for all Māori collections; items are identified by a black & white koru on the spine label.

How to find material written in Māori using our Online Public Access Catalogue

An easy way to look for Māori material in the library is the computer catalogue by keyword. This usually means tips for searching the catalogue, where to find items on the shelf and any key resources.

At the Catalogue screen type in Māori language.

Māori language search
  1. This will take you to a screen with a list of material relating to the Māori language.
  2. To find out where items are located, press show details.
  3. This will take you to a screen with a list of copy and holding information
  4. To find out where items are located within the library, follow the instructions on the screen

Kaupapa Māori/Māori Subjects

However where Māori topics are covered in two or more areas of collection, subject guides help direct you to subjects that are similar; for assistance please ask a librarian.

  • Mahi Toi/Arts
  • Art/ artists 704.03994 - 709.011
  • Architecture 725.8042
  • Carved Meeting Houses 726.9
  • Carving 731.4
  • Flax weaving 746.42
  • Modern Artists 759.993
  • Tikanga a Iwi-Culture/Social Sciences
  • Ethnic identity 305.8994
  • Customs (marae visits) 390.09931
  • Tattoos 391.65
  • Death 393.09931
  • Treaty issues 323.11994
  • Land (public ownership) 331
  • Raupatu Document Bank 346.0432
  • Legal aspects 346.872
  • Economics-customary fishing 333.95616
  • Law 342.0872
  • Fishing (including claims) 639.2
  • Health (public) 362.1
  • Medicinal plants 581.634
  • Health 613
  • History
  • History 993.1 – 1004
  • Pre-European 993.101
  • Regional Histories 993 – 993.96