Popular books and authors for teens

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Popular books and authors for teens

Top Fiction Titles

Here are our most popular Fiction titles borrowed over the past year. Check them out below and we've also included links to their biographies because we think they're kind of cool. Find all the latest Teen Fiction in Rotorua Library.

Top Non-Fiction Titles

Not surprisingly, the top non-fiction titles were study guides and that's awesome because that's why we're here! Make sure you check out Study Resources for more useful information. We've included other books you can check out on these subjects too.

Top Graphic Novels

The Neverland series 1 - 11 featured prominently in the Top 25 issues over the last year. Kaiu Shirai (白井 カイウ) is the pen name of the mangaka who created the first in the series of The Promised Neverland back in 2015. Check out all the Graphic Novels in our Teens area.

The promised Neverland (1 & 2)Kaiu Shirai
Alex Rider 6Anthony Horowitz
DramaRaina Telgemeier
My hero academia 1Hirofumi Neda
Dragonball super 8Kōhei Horikoshi