Booking Fees

Meeting Spaces Fee Schedule

Rates for not-for-profit and commercial meeting room hire are given below. Rates include meeting room features listed on our Meeting Spaces page. Provision of any additional equipment will need to be negotiated.

Not-for-profit hourly rates

​SpaceHourly rate (incl. GST)​Hourly rate (excl. GST)GST amount
Community Room​$15​$13.04​$1.96
Meeting Room 1​$5​$4.35​$0.65
Meeting Room 2​$12​$10.43​$1.57
​Meeting Room 3$5$4.35$0.65
Meeting Room 4$12$10.43$1.57
Discovery Space​$22​$19.13​$2.87


Meeting room prices within our Online Booking System are set for non-profit organisations. If the booking is deemed to be for commercial and/or profit gathering purposes, then additional fees may apply as outlined below.

Commercial hourly rates

​SpaceHourly rate (incl. GST)​Hourly rate (excl. GST)GST amount
Community Room​$35$30.43$4.57
Meeting Room 1​$10$8.70$1.30
Meeting Room 2​$25​$21.74$3.26
​Meeting Room 3$10$8.70$1.30
​Meeting Room 4​$25​​$21.74​$3.26
​Discovery Space$50​​$43.48​$6.52


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