Online Activities for Children

​​He Pī Ka Rere for preschoolers Online

During the lockdown, we took all our children's programmes online and you can still watch these shortened versions of our regular children's sessions HERE. ​

LEGO Challenge

​LEGO Leader Kylie,  has set up some challenges for those who love creating with LEGO.  You can use Duplo or even building blocks for your challenges.  We will load each challenge after it has been posted on our FACEBOOK PAGE​ ​ which is usually evey Thursday and Saturday.  Follow our page to keep up with the challenges and either add your photo to the comments or email us at​ 

​​​LEGO Challenge 1:  

LEGO Leader Kylie Holmes would like to challenge you to build part of, or all of your name from LEGO. Be creative, use as many shapes and colours as you can to build your masterpiece.  Happy building!​

LEGO Challenge 2:
This weekend Kylie, one of our LEGO leaders challenges you to use your LEGO or duplo to build a piece of furniture! Kylie has built a chair and table from duplo. Please share your creations with us. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


LEGO Challenge 3:
For this challenge LEGO Leader Kylie would like you to build your home using your Duplo, Lego or even building blocks. Make sure you share your creations with us, we loved seeing your Lego names in our last challenge.​

LEGO Challenge 4
Can you reimagine blocks from your own LEGO set to be an animal? LEGO leader Kylie has made a parrot and dog from bricks from her LEGO and duplo sets. Please share photos, we love seeing what you have made.


​​Craft A​ctivity Ideas

​The Children's Team have put together a range of craft ideas that you may be able to do with things around the house.  We will add to this list over the next week so check back here for more ideas.

​Leaf Rub Bunting

Now we are very much into autumn and there are quite a few leaves on the ground, we have the perfect craft for you! 
Brighten up your room with some bunting made of leaf rubbings.
Perfect for an inside day activity​!

Click HERE​ for the instructions.

Pressed flowers

Step 1- gather your flowers and leaves. Hunt in your garden and find some flowers and leaves to press.

Step 2- find a heavy book and some paper, baking paper works best, but any paper even magazine pages work

Step 3- lay one sheet of paper inside your open book. Carefully put your flowers on the paper. Lay another sheet on top of your flowers and slowly and gently close the book

Step 4- put your book in a safe place and pile more books or other heavy items on top.

Step 5- wait at least 3 days before you open your book. When you are ready open the book and carefully lift out the two sheets of paper.

Step 6- if you have a hot water cupboard put the paper and flowers in there to dry. If not leave in a warm dry spot, to dry.

​Soon we will share craft ideas to use your beautiful dried flowers and we would love to see photos of your creations​.

​​Animal A​​​rt​​​​​

Have a go at this simple activity and send us photos of your creations.

Send us pictures of your completed art to​.   We would love to see your Animal Art!


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