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Rotorua Mobile Library, Te Waka Mātauranga

The Rotorua Mobile Library service, Te Waka Mātauranga, takes Rotorua Library out to numerous schools and retirement homes with some community stops as well.  This valuable service is overseen by Robyn Skipwith, our Outreach Coordinator, . 

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​Download a copy of our current timetable.
Mobile Library Timetable Jul - Sep 2019.pdf

About the Mobile Library Service

Books ​head out on the road in a new Renault Master van custom fitted with mobile book trolleys and a hoist platform.  

Several library staff members operate the Mobile Library with each having their regular stops. Overseeing the service is Outreach Coordinator Robyn Skipwith. She is taking on the challenge with gusto and is enjoying delivering and developing this valuable service.  

The Mobile Library now spends longer at each stop and books are brought inside. Members of the community can truly experience the library popping up at their place and get the chance to browse the books in their own environment, interact with staff, and chat about their favourite books and authors. 

Books selected for each stop can be tailored to the needs of regular Mobile Library users and books on offer can be fine-tuned on a daily basis. Requests can be made to staff on the Mobile Library or by contacting Rotorua Library ahead of the van's next visit.

Contact Us

If you have any queries about the Mobile Library service please contact Robyn Skipwith by phone 07 351 7032 or email​.

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